Many CKD sufferers think their kidney disease is a death sentence, and it’s important to bear in mind that with today’s scientific advancements, this simply isn’t the case. Those living with chronic kidney disease can do more than just survive and wait things out until dialysis becomes an inevitability. In some instances, there have been people who’ve actually managed to reverse their kidney disease.

Here’s how:


This chemical compound derivative of Vitamin B1 helps assist in kidney function as it excels in breaking food down. Unfortunately, many foods that contain vitamin B1 are also high in potassium and phosphorous (which are no-no’s for CKD sufferers). Still, there are numerous foods that DO provide rich supplies of this compound without any excess potassium or phosphorous. Foods like wheat germ and cantaloupe and beverages like milk and orange juice as all great sources.

Vegetable Overload

As a person living with kidney disease, you’ll want to gradually change your diet to only natural, organic foods and some of the absolute best as fruits and vegetables. The more of these seemingly-miraculous, vitamin-packed foods you eat, the better your kidney will do.

Water and Exercise

A steady supply of clean, refreshing drinking water is necessary for your kidneys to really thrive in their toxin-flushing duties. Also, staying physically active can never be overstated! It’s important to keep your blood pumping and your energy levels high if you really want to stop inflammation and reverse your kidney damage!

As we’ve stated, reversing your kidney disease can be as simple as making some easy lifestyle changes. Your kidneys and the rest of your body will thank you!

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