Findings from a new research study set to appear in an upcoming issue of the Journal of American Society of Nephrology seem to indicate red meat intake could dramatically increase kidney failure risk. The connection between protein intake and impaired kidney function has long been discussed by medical authorities, and this latest finding seems to lead credence to the theory.

As more and more people are diagnosed with CKD each year, medical authorities are constantly trying to establish underlying causes. This latest study examined a group of 63,257 Chinese adults in Singapore. Singapore’s population consumes excessive meat on average, with 97% of that meat intake consisting of pork. After following up with these adults 15.5 years later, researchers established that the top 25% red meat eaters experienced as much as a 40% increase in Kidney Disease risk compared with people who consumed the lowest amounts.

The study did seem to reveal the greatest degree of danger was posed by red meat consumption, with lower rates of risk present in those participants whose protein intake came from poultry, fish, soy, legumes, eggs and dairy. In light of the study, researchers concluded that some of the best advice for meat eaters at risk of developing CKD (and the public in general) is to make a habit of substituting one serving of red meat with an alternative protein source. Doing this regularly may just safeguard your kidneys and your life.

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