Although a good nephrologist is an absolute medical MUST for kidney disease sufferers, another effective aspect of kidney disease management that’s often sadly overlooked is alternative medicine. This field encompasses a wide array of issues effected by CKD, including proper nutrition and vitamin/mineral supplementation to tackle any nutrient deficiencies. These deficiencies can, and often do, worsen kidney disease significantly. Conversely, it’s amazing how dramatically your kidney health can improve by incorporating just a few dietary changes in your life. Natural treatments have recently come into more renown as the public at large becomes more health conscious. Nowhere is the need for healthful decision making more pertinent than in cases involving impaired kidney function. There have been numerous studies in recent years confirming alternative medicine’s efficacy in successfully treating many of the worst symptoms of kidney disease safely.

Most of the relatively simple lifestyle changes you can make to improve your kidney function right away involve upping your intake of some varying minerals or nutrients your body may be deficient in. Identifying these deficiencies is the first step, and many holistic practitioners can perform tests in order to quickly surmise which areas are lacking. But even without a test to clarify the specifics of your situation, one of the most common deficiencies faced by CKD sufferers is fiber. Including more fiber in your diet provides tremendous health benefits and is an invaluable tool in your arsenal against CKD. Greater fiber intake can dramatically lower the risk of stroke, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. All of which are areas CKD sufferers are likely to be at higher risk of developing. Fiber also aids in alleviating all kinds of digestive issues and lowering bad cholesterol. In kidney disease sufferers, fiber packs an additional punch by lowering inflammation, reducing serum creatinine levels, improving GFR and significantly decreasing mortality rates. CKD sufferers have a host of delicious fiber-rich options to choose from that are also high in anti-oxidants and low in potassium (something CKD sufferers need to be mindful of). Opt for foods such as blueberries, apples and cabbage.

A few other excellent supplements that I consider absolutely essential to helping improve kidney function are Vitamins B3 & D3, a high quality multivitamin and probiotics. Ideally, your multivitamin should be lower in Vitamin A, which is often elevated in CKD sufferers. Together, these supplements help nearly every aspect of kidney disease improve, significantly reducing inflammation, lowering the presence of toxins and increasing the amount of good gut bacteria in the body, which are usually imbalanced in CKD sufferers, subsequently leading to less effective toxin elimination.

As always, it’s vital that you keep the lines of communication open with your medical practitioner whether they’re a conventional medical doctor or a naturopath. Always inform them regarding any dietary changes you’re thinking of implementing and make sure whatever supplements you’re taking don’t interfere with any of your prescribed medications. Once you begin to incorporate just a few of these changes into your life, you’ll be astonished at how quickly and naturally you’ll begin to feel the benefits.

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